Sally from The Peanuts cutting eyeholes in a white sheet to use as a ghost costume
Kooky Crafts

       Craft ideas primarily from defunct websites or from websites that no longer have them available, although a few are from books I personally treasured as a child!

Balloon Ghouls Bat and Witch Mobile Bat Pin Chenille Stem Skeleton
Clothespin Vampire Bats Cone Witch Crashing Witch Door Hanging Curled Paper Pumpkin
Dried Apple Zombie Heads Faux Stained Glass Pumpkin Window Hanger Frankenstein Luminaries Friendly Ghost
Ghost Beads Halloween Scrapbook Paper Bag Pumpkin Pipe Cleaner Spider
Plastic Spoon Witch Pom-Pom Pumpkin Patch Puffy Candy Corn Pumpkin Luminaries
Pumpkin & Jack-o-Lantern Pots Small Ghosts Spider Candy Holder String-and-Glue Spiderwebs
Tin Can Black Cat 10 Fun Activities using Autumn Leaves Vampire Lollipops Yarn Spider